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Shazam uses ClearSlide to connect with customers by showing, not telling

Company:Shazam, the company that connects consumers to the music and television they love.

As a leading media engagement company, Shazam connects more than 300 million people, in more than 200 countries and 33 languages, to the music, TV shows and advertisements that interest them.

It all started in 2002, long before the golden age of smartphones, when Shazam launched what was then a simple service that connected people in the UK with music they heard but didn't know. Since then, Shazam has become one of the world's most recognized mobile consumer brands and one of the Top Ten most downloaded apps on iTunes App Store, with another two million people embracing Shazam each week.

“ClearSlide definitely gives us a sales edge over our competition. I checked into it, and I was really surprised to find out our major competitors aren't using ClearSlide. It's such a no-brainer.”
Darren Klein, Director of Strategic Accounts, Shazam

Challenge:An amazing idea that sells itself - once you've seen it.

In mid 2011, Shazam was beginning to bring its new Shazam for TV™ to market. This breakthrough technology connects viewers to exclusive information and special offers on their favorite TV shows and advertised brands.

But how do you explain an idea no one's ever heard of, much less seen before via a phone conversation or email? Some of Shazam's potential brand customers were having a challenge visualizing how this amazing new technology could link TV screens and mobile devices. In order for the product to gain traction, they needed to see it and try it.

Solution:Create a ClearSlide demo that lets Shazam speak for itself.

Not too long after the launch of Shazam for TV, the head of sales at Shazam discovered ClearSlide, and introduced it to a few of the sales reps on his team. They quickly began using the ClearSlide platform each time they called key prospects and directed them to an instant demo link on ClearSlide. What a difference! Suddenly, the reps were able to instantly connect the prospect to hi-fidelity presentation slides and video and immediately show off this revolutionary new way to connect the TV and small screen experiences among key audiences.

“ClearSlide helped us kick start the conversation and move the prospect further through the sales pipeline. They really helped us over a big hurdle.”
Darren Klein

Added backend benefits- Alerts and Delivery Tracking.

The front-end benefits of ClearSlide couldn't have been clearer to Shazam. But that was just the start. On the backend, ClearSlide's analytics also provided key content and delivery insights. Here are just two examples.

Each time a piece of content was added to the content tree by any member of the Shazam team, the entire Shazam sales team was able to view it. They could then consider using the new addition to the ClearSlide presentation for their upcoming sales meetings. This instantaneous knowledge sharing allowed the team to collaborate, and stay in sync.

Staying in sync with the team was helpful. Staying in sync with the prospect was critical. ClearSlide analytics tools also let the sales reps track whether the presentation they had emailed had reached the prospect's inbox. Better yet, it let them see the moment the presentation had been successfully opened. This cut down on inbox clutter for the prospect and helped the sales rep pinpoint when to make that all-important follow-up call.

Result:Shazam for TV has gone global and so has ClearSlide.

Thanks to ClearSlide, the Shazam sales team was able to fast-forward the conversation by sharing an instant-on demo link that showcased the incredible opportunity Shazam offers via rich, streaming media. Not surprisingly, the product has really taken off.

“ClearSlide makes phone calls really productive. It gives sales the ability to show prospects what we're talking about. I can't tell you how many leads say at the end of the call: 'Wow - I had no idea you did that!', which helped us get to a contract quickly.”
Darren Klein

Today, Shazam for TV is one of the premiere, cutting-edge, new media opportunities, used by major brands such as Procter & Gamble, The US Navy and Jack-In-The-Box on premium advertising events and in broadcasts for major events such as The Olympics, the Super Bowl and top-tier TV programming. Not surprisingly, ClearSlide use at Shazam has grown from handful of users to being adopted by a majority of the sales and marketing teams across Shazam's global organization. Shazam is privately held with corporate headquarters in London and US offices in Menlo Park, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Sydney and in Seoul, Korea.

The ClearSlide Advantage

Get right to the show-and-tell. ClearSlide's instant-on platform lets your reps pitch and demo product on the first connection. No need to schedule a future web conference or deal with dial-ins or attachments.

Automatic reporting of sales interaction data. With ClearSlide, you don't have to rely on self-reported data. The platform automatically captures key data on the back end - by region, office, or individual rep - who's pitching, what they show, and time spent on specific topics.

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