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Webinars & Upcoming Events
ClearSlide frequently hosts live webinars to promote knowledge & strategy sharing with our customers and the larger sales community. Below are past webinars available for your viewing pleasure anytime. If you have ideas or would like to partner with us on upcoming webinars please get in touch.
AA-ISP Leadership Summit
April 19-21, 2016 | Chicago, IL
The AA-ISP Leadership Summit has earned a reputation as the premier conference for Inside Sales Leaders, and has become the largest gathering of its kind in the world. Visit ClearSlide at booth #3.
Sales 2.0 Conference
May 2, 2016 | Boston, MA
The Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston will help you learn how to integrate best-in-class processes, Sales 2.0 tools, and proven leadership strategies to create a high-performance sales organization.
AA-ISP Inside Sales, Denver
June 15, 2016 | Denver, CO
The Inside Sales 2016 conference series offers topics, workshops, and hands-on presentations designed to help Frontline Sales Reps and Managers crush their quotas.
Turn Your Cold Calls Hot
Available on demand
Steve Richard of VorsightBP and Patrick Cassady of ClearSlide take the trepidation out of cold calling in this 45 min session. You will learn cutting-edge methods for using personalized video to capture attention, and how to combine email, social media and phone calls to reach your prospects.
Aberdeen Group: Transforming the Business of Selling
Available on demand
How often have you had forecast surprises? Found that your team over-invested in the wrong deals? Join us to get the latest sales effectiveness research from Aberdeen Group on how the top 20% of sales teams outperform the competition on quota attainment, deal size and sales cycles.
Aragon Research: Digitize the Sales Process with Sales Communications
Available on demand
Register for our free webinar with Jim Lundy of Aragon Research, as he shares best practices for leveraging Sales Communications tools and an analysis of top vendors making a difference in Sales Communications.
7 Ways to Drive Revenue with ClearSlide for Salesforce
Available on demand
Join us to learn how your organization can drive revenue and improve sales forecasting with ClearSlide for Salesforce, a top-reviewed app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Stop wasting time manually logging sales activities and increase forecast accuracy.
LinkedIn & ClearSlide: 10 Tips for Engaging Sales Prospects with Content
Available on demand
In this webinar, you will learn how to become a trusted source of information for your buyers. Take away strategies for measuring and optimizing content based on customer engagement and tips for scaling content creation.
10 Tips to Transform Sales Leaders From Micromanagers into Great Coaches
Available on demand
Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden lived by the motto, "details create success." Join us to learn ten tips for transforming your sales leaders into coaches who help their teams beat their sales goals.
LinkedIn & ClearSlide: How to Use Data to Jumpstart Your Sales Conversations
Available on demand
Join LinkedIn and ClearSlide to learn how to research companies and contacts more efficiently, identify multiple stakeholders to improve your chances of landing a sale, and reach out to grab your prospect's attention at their point of interest.
The New Conversation - How to Engage the Modern Customer
Available on demand
Find out how technology has changed the buyer's process and how the sales conversation has evolved. In this webinar, ClearSlide's Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder Jim Benton will explore the four key elements of the New Conversation. Jim will also explain how sellers can leverage each element to engage the modern customer.
How well does your sales team engage customers?
Available on demand
ClearSlide’s data scientists have analyzed sales engagement metrics across millions of customer interactions to provide you with an interactive tool to benchmark your team against peers in your industry. In this webinar, ClearSlide’s Data Scientist Deborah-Anna Reznek and Director of Product Management Jeremy Carr unveil the ClearSlide Sales Engagement Index.
Modern Survival Guide, do you have the tools to survive?
Available on demand
A sale is a journey you undertake with your prospect. Call it a buyer’s journey or a pipeline journey, what’s important is to manage the entire pipeline not just the beginning, middle or end. To generate a healthy pipeline and keep the deals moving at a fast clip, you’ll need the right tools and skill-sets. This Survival Guide will help ensure a successful pipeline journey from start to finish.
How to Sell to People Who Don't Want to Be Sold
Available on demand
While there is a lot of varying opinion on the effectiveness of cold calling the truth is cold calling is not going anywhere. And why would we want it to? With the right tools and tactics, any sales person can take that cold call and warm it up to his or her advantage. Let Steve Richard of VorsightBP and John Hulwick of ClearSlide take the mystery and trepidation out of connecting with prospects through cold calling in this 45 minute session.
10 Ways to Hone Your Prospecting Chops
Available on demand
In this session, John Hulwick, Director of Corporate Sales at ClearSlide, will share 10 ways that you can improve your results with easy changes to what you’re doing each day. From testing your email anatomy to using personalized video to break-in to new accounts, you’ll learn actionable tips that you starting using TODAY.
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