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Web conferencing is a great way to more efficiently connect with customers, saving time and travel costs. Unfortunately, these solutions can present some challenges. Technical problems like software installation, up-to-date plug-ins or complicated login credentials can impede meetings, eating into valuable selling time. And, because content lives outside of the platform, it’s clunky to switch gears and address customer questions.

Presenting remotely is easy for you and your customer

ClearSlide’s Live Pitch allows you to start a presentation in just one click, never having to worry about technology hassles with your customers. You’ll have a customized link from which you can present everything from presentations to HD video to a live screen share. Your viewer can join by simply typing your viewer’s link into their browser. They’ll never have to download software or plugins to view your presentation.

Answer questions and objections on-the-fly

All of your collateral is accessible from a drop-down menu in the presentation screen. This allows you to be audible-ready—you can easily jump to any slide within your presentation or navigate to another piece of collateral and your customer’s viewing experience is seamless. When you return to your original presentation, ClearSlide automatically remembers where you left off.

Access Codes Access Codes

State-of-the-art security tools keep conversations private

Presenting sensitive information? ClearSlide allows you set an access code that the viewer must enter in order to join the presentation. You can also require roll-call in order to join the meeting, so you know who has joined.

Take your pitch to the next level with

ClearSlide advanced tools

Drawing Tools

Drawing tools

Draw the viewers attention to particular elements on the screen.

Webcam Integration

Webcam Integration

Meet face-to-face using a webcam and microphone.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Viewers can chat you publicly or privately during the presentation.

Audio and Video

Audio and Video Recording

Record your meeting for customers unable to attend or as a training tool.

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