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ClearSlide Email Pitch Gives You

Powerful Insight Into Buyer Behavior

Email is commonly used for breaking-in with prospects, as well as following up
with customers. But, it’s challenging to know when and how to follow up when there is
no visibility into how customers have engaged. Did they get it? Did they look at it?

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Time and tailor your calls for maximum impact

With ClearSlide, you can quickly and easily email customers sales content using a customized link, providing rich insight into the engagement with their content. You’ll get an instant alert when they open it so you know when to follow up, and page-by-page analytics providing you with valuable information to tailor your conversation to your audience.

Sales Insights

Gain insight into deal momentum and buyer stakeholders

ClearSlide also sends you alerts when the collateral has been forwarded, providing visibility into how the content is diffusing throughout the organization. With forward alerts you’ll know if there are other stakeholders in the purchase decision and also see where they spend time reviewing your materials, arming you to ask better questions.

Bring the power of ClearSlide to your Inbox

Save time and be more productive. With ClearSlide for Outlook™
and ClearSlide for Gmail™, you can quickly and easily engage
with customers without leaving your inbox.

Add a Presentation

Add a Presentation

Easily add sales materials to your email correspondence, either importing from ClearSlide or by uploading from your computer.

Insert a Template

Insert a Template

Select and edit your saved ClearSlide email templates.

Start a Live Pitch

Start a Live Pitch

Quickly launch a presentation or screen share.

Track and Analyze

Track & Analyze

Get an instant alert when your materials are opened and how your customer interacts with your content with slide-by-slide-by-second analytics.

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