ClearSlide Integrations

ClearSlide seamlessly integrates with other systems and workflows, saving you time and effort, while providing a more complete view of customer engagement.
CRM. Now Complete
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Easily push CRM data directly into ClearSlide and automatically populate Salesforce with rich activity data from ClearSlide, saving time, improving data quality, and accelerating time from insight to action. The integration enables a complete view of activities and performance (across devices and platforms) needed for Sales leaders.

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Smarter, Faster Email
Email Integrations

Integrations with all major email platforms allow quick and easy engagement with customers and prospects. Search and access content and email templates stored in ClearSlide from within the familiar Outlook and Gmail interface.

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Content in the Conversation

ClearSlide provides an integrated content hub across multiple systems including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Salesforce Content. Browse and access content from multiple applications within ClearSlide. Save time and gain access to rich content analytics, by converting content to ClearSlide links in presentations and emails. Marketing leaders can now gain insight into content effectiveness across platforms and devices.

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In addition to the available out of the box integrations, the open and scalable Clearslide platform can be optimized to customers’ specific sales and marketing processes to drive sales productivity, improve forecast accuracy, and maximize content effectiveness.

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