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Welcome to ClearSlide's Resources Page. Below you'll find a mix of helpful guides, webinars, white papers, case studies & videos to help you to improve the ways you engage with your customers. Filter by medium, topic or your specific role, to learn best practices and strategies to improve your sales organization.

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Comcast Case Study
Comcast Spotlight Finds Cross-Departmental Success with ClearSlide

Craig Coane of Comcast Spotlight describes how ClearSlide provided visibility across departments to improve their sales process.

Intuit Case Study
Intuit Decreases Average Selling Days by 60 Percent with ClearSlide

Norm Happ of Intuit, explains how ClearSlide was the best tool to distinguish the best customers with budget, shortening their sales cycle.

SurveyMonkey Case Study
SurveyMonkey grows new accounts using ClearSlide to engage with their prospects

SurveyMonkey used insights from ClearSlide to better connect with their customers.

Shazam Case Study
Shazam uses ClearSlide to connect with customers by showing, not telling

ClearSlide allowed Shazam's sales team to demo the advantages of their service to customers while increasing knowledge sharing across their sales organization.

LexisNexis Case Study
ClearSlide gives LexisNexis' managers the visibility to take their sales to the next level

LexisNexis managers quickly benefitted from real-time, actual sales activity information, driving revenue-generation.

Shoutlet Case Study
ClearSlide turns new Shoutlet customers into Shoutlet professionals

ClearSlide helped Shoutlet with customer engagement, maximizing efficency around every customer conversation.

Sheraton Case Study
Sheraton Denver Downtown exceed expectations with help from ClearSlide

ClearSlide gave Sheraton downtown a good way to show off their meeting space site, & eliminated the need of an onsite visit to close.

University of Phoenix Case Study
University of Phoenix connects more workforce-ready students with employers using ClearSlide

ClearSlide helped UofPhoenix improve communication with corporate partners to help workforce ready graduates.

Convercent Case Study
ClearSlide doubles application engagement for Convercent’s customer prospects

Convercent's software is elegant & user-friendly, with ClearSlide sales reps could show the software to potential customers immediately. Case Study establishes trusting relationships with the ClearSlide Platform

With ClearSlide, reps were able to put a face to their name by sharing an introduction slide with a picture and brief bio or easily turn on their webcam.

Centurion Case Study
Insights from ClearSlide Helps Centurion Provide Better Service Programs to Clients

ClearSlide's analytics allowed Centurion to have a better understanding of the needs of their customers.

ClearSlide Overview Video
Economist Sales Leader Success

ClearSlide is revolutionizing the way the fastest and largest sales teams engage with customers. Sales teams use ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, to interact with customers on the phone, face-to-face, or via email.

ClearSlide Overview Video
Economist Sales & Marketing Success

ClearSlide is revolutionizing the way the fastest and largest sales teams engage with customers. Sales teams use ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, to interact with customers on the phone, face-to-face, or via email.

Summit Media Case Study
Summit Media's Digital Proposals are brought to Life by ClearSlide

Summit Media needed to show their customers the full experience of digital ads without a written proposal. ClearSlide helped them bring their digital media to life in the field.

AllOver Case Study
AllOver Media goes "from the Flintstones to the Jetsons

Allover Media revamped their sales process with ClearSlide. Since their sales team has been more efficient with a significant productivity increase.

ClearSlide Overview Video
ClearSlide Overview (1 Minute)

ClearSlide is revolutionizing the way the fastest and largest sales teams engage with customers. Sales teams use ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, to interact with customers on the phone, face-to-face, or via email.

Intuit Success Story Video
Intuit Success Story

Norm Happ, VP of Go-to-Market at Intuit Demandforce, describes his companies great experience with ClearSlide. His team had a 60% decline in avg selling days, and the overall units produced had a 175% lift.

Comcast Spotlight Case Study Video
Comcast Spotlight Case Study

The Comcast Spotlight Team describes how ClearSlide delivers visibility, better content management, better feedback, & shortened sales cycles.

LinkedIn Case Study Video
LinkedIn Case Study

Brett Wallace, Director of Sales at LinkedIn, describes how ClearSlide's simplicity helps LinkedIn reps quickly share LinkedIn's pitch in first meetings.

Force Management Case Study Video
Force Management Case Study

Grant Wilson of Force Management, discusses how his firm has used ClearSlide to reduce their sales cycle by 20% and ClearSlide's mobile apps to be "audible ready" to meet the timing needs of their customers.

ClearSlide for Sales Leaders Video
ClearSlide for Sales Leaders

ClearSlide can improve sales team's productivity. ClearSlide logs real sales activity so sales leaders can have insight on the behavior of their team. This in turn helps to forecast more accurately and impact those deals.

ClearSlide for Marketing Video
ClearSlide for Marketing

ClearSlide allows marketers to upload & control collateral in one centralized library. Analytics, helps them know which content is being used, how it's being used, & improves the consistency & impact of their sales messaging.

ClearSlide for Sales Ops Video
ClearSlide for Sales Ops

ClearSlide provides rich analytics giving Sales Ops a better understanding of their team's sales behavior. This allows Ops to better measure the interactions and strategies that drive success. Better data, means better results.

ClearSlide for Sales Reps Video
ClearSlide for Sales Reps

ClearSlide helps reps close more deals through better openings and higher engagement with customers. With ClearSlide reps know how their customers interact with content, so they can time and taylor their follow up for maximum impact.

ClearSlide Remote App Video
ClearSlide Remote App

A must-have app for in-person meetings. Select and drive presentations from your mobile phone seamlessly. Always have access to the latest presentations from any location.

ClearSlide Connect App Video
ClearSlide Connect App

ClearSlide Connect is perfect for the sales person on the go. Sending additional information to new contacts is easy as snapping a photo of a business card.

Break Media Customer Story Video
Break Media Customer Story

Andrew Budkofsky, EVP of Sales and Partnerships at Break Media, describes how he and his staff use ClearSlide, and how it has taken the guesswork out of his sales process.

Rackspace Customer Story Video
Rackspace Customer Story

Adam Carlton of Rackspace, describes how ClearSlide has improved Rackspace's sales process, making it quicker, easier, & more efficient. He also saves time by being able to identify the targets that are already interested in Rackspace.

Cox Media Customer Story Video
Cox Media Customer Story

Monique Perez, a Senior Account Executive at Cox Media, describes how ClearSlide simplifies her sales process and allows her to gauge customer interest in her product.

Triggit Customer Story Video
Triggit Customer Story

Chris Zaharias, Triggit CEO, explains why ClearSlide is his "single biggest competitive advantage in the startup landgrab that" he's in. No matter what location, or what device he has on him, he is ready to present.

Comcast Customer Story Video
Comcast Customer Story

Michael Lazar of Comcast Digital, explains how ClearSlide makes his job as a salesperson easier. Utilizing Email Pitch & Screen Share in along with Analytics allows Michael to follow up on warm leads that have already viewed his deck.

Expedia Customer Story Video
Expedia Customer Story

Missy Graves of Expedia explains how ClearSlide has changed her entire sales process. It has made sending presentations much easier and eliminated the uncertainty involved when sending large Powerpoint decks via email.

Jim Speaks at AAISP
Jim Speaks at AAISP

See ClearSlide Co-founder and CBO Jim Benton speak at the 7th Annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit

Selling to Millennials
Selling to Millennials

ClearSlide COO Dustin Grosse speaks about the challenges involved in selling to the Millennial Generation.

Selling with Digital Insight
Selling with Digital Insight

ClearSlide CEO Dustin Grosse speaks about Selling with Digital Insight: Transform Your Sales Team's Performance.

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