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Sales and marketing leaders make strategic decisions, coach salespeople, and forecast their business with data and dashboards. Yet, studies show most don’t trust the quality of the data because it’s self-reported and inconsistent. ClearSlide Insights™ keeps your finger on the pulse of the sales team’s performance by providing real visibility into customer engagement.

Measure Sales Outcomes and Turn Insight into Action

ClearSlide customers improve their close rates and shorten sales cycles by measuring results rather than effort. With ClearSlide, you can benchmark buyer open rates, total viewer time, and where prospects spend time in your content. Instead of measuring the quantity of dials a rep has, they examine actual engagement, understanding the duration, participants, and how engaged they were in these meetings. This provides visibility into what works, and what doesn’t so the team can improve. Best of all, leaders are confident in the automatically captured data which syncs directly to their CRM system.

Empower Just-In-Time Coaching

What are top salespeople doing? How are my new reps ramping? How do we get more people to the president’s club? With ClearSlide, leaders can follow their salespeople’s activities, leverage digests to understand where they need help, and benchmark groups and individuals. They can spot trends in the most effective content, jump on an in-progress meeting, or view slide-by-slide meeting recordings. ClearSlide analytics makes it easy to identify your recipe for success and replicate it across your entire team.

Increase Pipeline Accuracy

A sales leader's success depends on effectively managing expectations with an accurate forecast. But how can they be confident when most data fails to get reported, or worse yet is a guess? ClearSlide Insights gives managers and executives critical visibility into what the real (or risky) deals are in the forecast. Leaders can scan for trends across the sales regions, drill into specific territories, and benchmark top deals based on real sales engagement data. ClearSlide helps you know which buyers read proposals, which went to procurement, and what pricing options they viewed longest.

Drive a Consistent, Compelling Message

Gone are the days when Marketing measured downloads with no clue how it was actually used in front of buyers. ClearSlide analytics measure your content at a page level, which is more relevant from the customer perspective, to tell you what is moving the needle, and what message is falling flat. Authors know how long presentations are being viewed for, when reps are having issues, and how engaged buyers are with their content. Learn more about Live Content.

Critical capabilities built for leaders to drive higher sales performance.



Understand customer engagement by team, salesperson, customer, and content.

Follow and Digest

Follow & Digests

Stay informed automatically about customer engagement with real-time alerts, news feeds, and emailed digests

Engagement and Open Rates

Engagement & Open Rates

Measure buyer interest from meetings and email open rates at a team, rep, deal, and account level.

Sales Engagement Index

Sales Engagement Index

Benchmark your company against hundreds of others in your industry to know how you stack up in sales performance.

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