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We revolutionize the way sales teams interact with customers. Our success has been driven by your passion for great selling.

“ClearSlide lets you shine, it lets you put your thoughts together in a very concise format and it really helps you present your best face.”
Danielle Heckel
“ClearSlide provides our digital sales organization with a unique tool for communicating our pitch and understanding the impact with key constituents. We knew a killer app from the very first look.”
Scott Schiller
Comcast Interactive Media
“I absolutely love the email pitch for proposals. My team and I can get feedback on where we stand with a proposal right away and know where a client's focus is. From a sales perspective, and as a manager, that is perfect.”
Vice President, Inside Sales
“Our salespeople are better because of ClearSlide. They are more effective in helping our customers and are closing business in record time.”
Brent Rasmussen
“ClearSlide email pitches help us to efficiently communicate with our customers in a controlled way. ClearSlide's analytics then enable us to optimize our presentations to hold our prospects' interest and maximize revenues.”
Gloria Hauter
The Wall Street Journal
“ClearSlide has been key for multiple levels of our sales organization. Our inside sales team likes having all collateral easily accessible, outside reps are huge fans of the mobile apps and the national team appreciates the simplicity of uploading custom presentations.”
Chad Elbert
VP, Sales & Operations at CityGrid Media
“We sync our presentations to our iPads and take them out in the field. In a small market, it is very important to be able to meet with our clients in person. ClearSlide Outside is easy and works very well by allowing us to customize presentations for each specific client we are meeting with.”
Leslie Serpas
“I can just give my customer a link and they are already on my presentation? That alone sells me on the whole thing!”
Business Development Manager
“I think it's going to be extremely beneficial, people are visually oriented, ClearSlide will illustrate our product and keep me in control of everything they see.”
Account Executive