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SurveyMonkey closes new business and grows new accounts using ClearSlide to engage with their prospects

Enabling the masses to collect feedback with ease

As the world's leading survey platform, SurveyMonkey helps customers all over the world collect online survey responses. The company, founded in 1999, makes getting feedback simple, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, SurveyMonkey's customers include 99% of the Fortune 500, academic institutions, small businesses, and HR departments alike. In 2011, when SurveyMonkey launched its Audience offering, which provides access to millions of on-demand respondents, it also began hiring sales team members to sell a more complex consumer insights offering on top of its core survey platform.

The stranger on the other end of the line

Today, as trends show the increase in moving outside sales teams to inside sales teams every year, sales people are now faced with the challenge of creating connections with their prospects via the Internet and phone. How do they maintain the personal approach that was once generated by in-person meetings? How do they adequately portray the importance of their product to a client sight-unseen? Nick Mandelstein, Account Executive, Strategic Accounts for SurveyMonkey Audience, faced these same challenges prior to his team's adoption of ClearSlide.

“We didn't have an adequate means to present our collateral and once we sent it off we had very little insight into if and how it was received.”

Making warm connections in the cold world of inside sales

ClearSlide was the tool SurveyMonkey had been searching for to help give its inside sales team the upper hand in these virtual interactions. The ClearSlide platform closed the gap created for remote selling by increasing customer engagement.

“It is a foolproof way for inside sales people to present and walk through our presentations and collateral. It has changed the way I interact with customers”

Who says you need more hours in the day?

Now an avid ClearSlide user, Nick has seen positive results far exceeding his increased ability to engage customers. The platform enables him to have insight into what is happening with his collateral once it leaves his hands.

“When I was first starting out I didn't know what content would be helpful for customers, now I am able to see which sections they find to be beneficial and adjust my presentations accordingly.”

As a result, ClearSlide saves Nick time as he is now able to send out more relevant content to more prospects.

“The success Nick has experienced is something we have seen with every active ClearSlide user on our team. ClearSlide gives us a repository to manage our collateral, and fantastic insights into how our team is leveraging our assets and how our customers and prospects are interacting with them.”
-Brent Chudoba, Vice President & General Manager, SurveyMonkey Audience

Also, as part of the Strategic Accounts team, Nick finds ClearSlide helpful in scaling and growing existing accounts. He has had major success doing so with one of their Fortune 500 customers, sending non-users links with collateral and use cases. He loves the ease of sending ClearSlide links to interested parties and being able to jump seamlessly into a live pitch and walk them through the product.

Shifting to inside sales strategy made creating personal connections more difficult
Without face to face, there were challenges in portraying the importance of their product client sight-unseen
ClearSlide platform closed the personal gap by increasing customer engagement
ClearSlide allowed the team to show client the product
Increased visibility how cients are dealing with collateral
Saved reps time
Team now able to send out more relevant content to more prospects
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