Go Digital Science for Slack

Go Digital Science now integrates with Slack for quicker collaboration with instant meetings

Slack meeting

Instant Meetings

Start online meetings within a channel or direct message in Slack, by typing /clearslide to instantly share a dedicated and personal meeting URL and enterprise-grade audio conferencing and VoIP info with participants. No software or plugin or download needed.

Interactive and Dynamic Content

Always have the right content available for meetings. Easily access approved and recommended content and seamlessly switch between presentations, screen-share, websites, and high-definition video content.

clearslide chat meeting
presentation replay

Record and Replay

Capture full meeting recordings – including presentations, customer questions, and responses. Replay recordings of an entire presentation or single slides to recount conversations and content presented for personalized follow ups or on-demand coaching opportunities.

Meeting Engagement and Insights

After meetings end, users are prompted to capture key information – who attended, what content was covered, engagement level of participants, and meeting insights. This information is auto-logged to both Go Digital Science and CRM.

Meeting Recap Analytics

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