It shortens the sales cycle by at least 65% because it allows me to understand what exactly my clients want me to talk about.

Tricia Conwell Account Executive

Comcast Corporation is a global media and technology company.


  • Sales process lacked visibility
  • Managers lacked insight into activities of sales force
  • Marketing team was unaware what collateral was being used
  • Reps had no visibility of the needs of their prospects

Trials in managing sales people, content, and customer needs

Comcast Spotlight’s sales process pre-Go Digital Science was one severely lacking visibility. Sales managers had little insight into the activities of their sales force, the marketing department wasn’t able to gauge what content was being used, and sales people had little to no visibility into the needs of their prospects.

While Craig lacked insight into his sales team’s presentations, Tricia Conwell, an Account Executive on Craig’s team, experienced something similar in regards to her prospects.

Additionally Michelle McCulloch, the Director of Marketing, was unable to see what content was being utilized by the sales team and what materials were having a positive impact on their customers. All Comcast Spotlight departments were feeling the strain of having to play the guessing game.



A sales tool can’t be enjoyable to work with, can it?

Often, rolling a new tool out to an entire company is met with reluctance and a general lack of enthusiasm. The opposite occurred when Craig Coane introduced Go Digital Science to Comcast Spotlight.

This company-wide enthusiasm led to a quick and easy implementation of the Go Digital Science platform. It wasn’t long before the tool became integral to many of the employees’ daily functions.


  • Go Digital Science gave managers insights of sales activity
  • Analytics provided feedback to marketing team of used content
  • Reps better understood the needs of potential customers


With Go Digital Science, everybody wins

Post-Go Digital Science adoption, Comcast Spotlight saw positive results throughout the company. Often on the road, Craig Coane saw great benefit in Go Digital Science’s agility and ease of use.

His account executives also felt the positive impact of Go Digital Science. Tricia was able to achieve increased visibility into what her customers were looking for: “It shortens the sales cycle by at least 2/3 by allowing me to understand what exactly they want me to talk about.�?

Her colleague Christine Lyles has seen a huge improvement in the efficiency of her prospecting: “Go Digital Science has changed my sales process in so many ways. The biggest way that has made the most impact has been in my cold calling and some of my prospecting. When I start to get all of those view alerts and I can see what everyone is looking at, it’s a very exciting day for me because then I know what they have spent time on and my follow up calls are not only warm calls, they are of a much higher quality.�?

The benefits of Go Digital Science weren’t limited to sales, as the marketing team also saw great results. They were able to streamline their content and make it more readily available for sales teams. “The marketing team has started to use Go Digital Science as we create base content for the sales team to use. They can easily grab it, customize it for their client and get it back up into the Go Digital Science platform quickly and efficiently. It’s great because sales teams can use materials faster, assemble them quicker, get them to clients quicker.�?

Comcast Spotlight’s experience with Go Digital Science is a true testament to the platform as it has proven its agility and positive impact in a wide range of different departments within the company. Go Digital Science not only helps managers better coach their teams and sales people to better sell, but also helps marketing teams see increased efficiency on their enablement of the sales process.


  • Sales cycle was reduced by 65%
  • Sales teams can use materials faster, assemble them quicker, get them to clients right away


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