“I used an iPad and my phone. The customer was equally impressed not only with our solution, but also how we went through it using Go Digital Science.�?

Grant Wilson Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Force Management specializes in sales transformations that help B2B sales organizations increase revenue, improve sales margins, and gain market share.


  • Force Management needed the ability to pitch to potential customers at anytime and anywhere.

Being ready to present at all times – and despite unfavorable conditions

Force Management highly values being “audible-ready�? – having the ability to actively move sales conversations forward by articulating value and differentiation in a way that ties solutions to buyers’ most pressing business issues. However, applying this concept to real life can be incredibly challenging, even for Force Management.

Grant Wilson, managing partner and co-founder of Force Management, says the ability to impress a potential customer in any environment has become much easier now that his team uses Go Digital Science.

He recalls a recent situation when his team had an opportunity to close a deal that would represent about 5 percent of Force Management’s sales revenue for the entire year. They were forced to present in a cafeteria but were able to wow the customer by using Go Digital Science’s mobile features to present without a projector.



Immediate access to an “infinite number�? of sales tools to suit any situation Frank Azzolino, senior partner at Force Management, says Go Digital Science helps sales teams to seize opportunities whenever they arise. He especially likes that Go Digital Science enables sales pros to share relevant content to prospects at any point in the sales conversation.

“With Go Digital Science, I don’t have just one presentation … I have an infinite number,�? he says. “I can move within a presentation and across multiple documents. I can do it with my cellphone while standing in front of [a prospect], or at a restaurant, in a hotel lobby, or in an airport.�?

Azzolino says it was only a matter of weeks after first using Go Digital Science that he felt “very confident�? exploring the solution further to find new capabilities and incorporate them into his sales approach.

  • Go Digital Science allowed Force Management reps to present from any presentation both in the browser, over the phone and with one of Go Digital Science’s mobile applications, at any time and any place.


A simple but compelling sales process – and a solid partnership

Wilson says sellers need things to work – and to be simple and consumable – and that’s what his team has found with Go Digital Science. More than that, he says the sales experts at Force Management have been learning quite a lot from the sales experts at Go Digital Science.

“What we’ve gotten from the whole Go Digital Science experience is not just the technology, but also the company behind it,�? Wilson explains. He says Go Digital Science provided guidance when his team first started using the solution, but over time, the company has also helped them to learn new tips and techniques to drive better effectiveness using the technology.

The results of working with Go Digital Science are measurable and positive, according to Wilson: “I believe we’re able to … fit within the customer’s timing much better. From our sales cycle perspective, it’s probably a reduction of at least 20 percent of the time.�?

  • Force Management decreased its sales cycle by 20%.


A sales transformation specialist for B2B sales organizations

Force Management, LLC, a GrowthPlay company, helps businesses define their value and differentiation in the B2B marketplace. It develops customized solutions and management tools to help B2B sales organizations achieve measurable results.

Founded in 2003 and based in Charlotte, N.C., Force Management provides solutions and consultation in areas ranging from sales and marketing consulting to leadership training to business negotiations.