We strongly feel Go Digital Science increases conversion by as much as 10-15%. Agents will regularly tell me about sales we would have lost without Go Digital Science. The bottom line is we know Go Digital Science helps close deals.

Dorgam Hideib Vice President

Web.com is a web services company that offers solutions that help SMBs establish and grow their business online.


  • Inability to demonstrate product value
  • Trouble sharing dynamic, rich content presentations

Explaining Complex Services Visually

Most small business owners are not IT experts and find online marketing a complex and difficult task. In fact, 50 percent of small businesses do not have an online presence. For Web.com to help small businesses succeed online, sales reps must be able to quickly and easily show customers the value Web.com services deliver; such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing, or setting up a successful Facebook page for small business.

Prior to Go Digital Science, Web.com sales professionals would point customers to different sections of their company website in order to showcase specs and features, including a visual gallery of service offerings. The agents were also armed with sales literature and scripting tools, but nothing as dynamic as Go Digital Science.

“What immediately attracted me to Go Digital Science was how it broke down one of our biggest obstacles,�? said Dorgam Hideib, Vice President at Web.com. “It helps to visually explain the value of being online to small business people who are busy focusing on what they do and may have little understanding of how the internet works to support Small Business.�?


Go Digital Science Live Pitch and Email Pitch Fosters Better Conversations

Web.com found the Email and Live Pitch features in Go Digital Science to be invaluable. Live Pitch enables sales reps to visually present Web.com’s services in a professional, easy-to-understand way that is more interactive and engaging than simply walking customers through galleries on their website.

“Live Pitch helps us present complex products easily and visually over the phone. When agents are using Go Digital Science, the story is there,�? said Hideib. “The most salient points in our value position are presented. It aligns our sales floor on the pitch and proposition of each of our offerings. We can then update and optimize content based on agent feedback and analytics.�?

The sales reps at Web.com found that Email Pitch allowed them to create a pipeline and keep them connected to their prospects by knowing if and when they open their emails and interact with the sales content. Service offerings can range from one hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in value, and often require more than one contact to close a sale. Knowing when a customer is looking at the content is a great prompt for a call back resulting in more targeted conversations around services they’ve shown the most interest in.


  • Instant live meetings enabled the team to demo a complicated product
  • Email view alerts improved provided insight to prospect interest and engagement


Higher Go Digital Science Usage Leads to Higher Conversion

Go Digital Science’s Live Pitch feature has thus far had the most impact on Web.com’s sales organization. “The information we provide can be very esoteric. In many cases, we would not have been able to hold a customer’s attention or help them understand our services without getting them on Live Pitch during our phone conversations,�? said Hideib. “Viewing Go Digital Science usage and sales results together the impact on our conversion is clear.�?

As a result of Go Digital Science’s impact on sales performance, there is a lot of time and effort put into encouraging usage across the company’s retail sales organization. The company runs contests where agents with the highest usage by site get special recognition, and every month, sites with the most usage per license receive catered food for the day as well as a trophy. In addition, Go Digital Science usage is often a requirement to be in more desirable lead types.

Go Digital Science Live Pitch and Email Pitch content have also become a priority at Web.com. Sales and Marketing Leaders meet regularly to review and continuously improve Go Digital Science content for the Sales Organization. Having compelling content designed for visual delivery within Go Digital Science, optimized off agent feedback, has become a best practice.

  • 10-15% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Improved customer engagement and understanding of services


Web.com — Helping small businesses get discovered online by the customers they serve

Web.com is a web services company that enables small businesses to succeed online. With more than 3.3 million customers, Web.com offers solutions that help SMBs establish and grow their business from domain name selection right through to custom built websites that are optimized and marketed online.

The company’s Retail Sales Organization has approximately 200 professionals split between inbound and outbound sales, who serve its existing customer base and engage with new prospects. The sales approach is very consultative in nature — agents work with clients to understand what they do, how they do it, what stage and size their business is, and what unique demands their customers have.